12 Monkeys

An old Bruce Willis movie dealing with time travel and a disease that killed the worlds population, and a small group of underground survivors are trying to put someone back in time to trace the virus’s path and restore humans back to the Earth’s surface.
I recommend this movie to those who liked Donnie Darko, and I recommend Donnie Darko to those who have seen this movie.
:slight_smile: Im pretty sure a large number of you people out there have seen this before, but Im just being informative.

i’ve seen part of it, just bruce willis trapped in a prison, it got boring so i turned it off. is the rest of the movie good?

Terry Gilliam directed this, no?

Dunno who directed it.
Yes, it was pretty good. Brad Pitt plays an insane guy well.

Doesn’t he always?

And now you do.

Yes hes always insane-looking.

It was after watching his film I decided to pull out my front teeth!