How long is this subforum been around?


Erm So Squall, it’s in fact been some time since this subforum has seen action. SO I guess you could consider this and act of notice as to alert you that someone has in fact posted in your subforum.

This post was rather old, you must travel back in time and post in the years: 2006-2012 or you will be cursed by the forum gods for posting in 2013. I’m kidding of course! :slight_smile:

Damn and my Tardis is in the shop at the moment. DRATS what will I do… :wink:

Hey Chris, why not send Squall a Hello note and ask to see if he’d like to return?

I don’t want to be spammy :frowning:

Spammy Shmammy it’s about the traffic and getting people to post again about interacting discussions right? That and having fun.

I will say Phantomgrift and see what happens. Mostly nothing I bet but you never know it could shake the tree.

Phantomgrift Phantomgrift Phantomgrift Phantomgrift Phantomgrift In front of a Mirror