Wireless/Lan Login Authentication

I’m looking for a program that I can run on a windows machine (XP, 2000, or 2003 server.) That will allow me to restrict access to my network (mean this program will probably have to handel dhcp to, sense my router dose that… and will have to turn that off…) so that people have to login befor they are allowed to access my network (and there by internet through my router/modem) Any one got any ideas? I tryed seting up a radius server, but thats just so damn confusing and I don’t think it dose what I thought it did…

So basicly I’m looking for:

  1. Prompt for login (ie. via redirection of any http request, or somthing.)
  2. Provent access to my network with out sucessfully login in.
  3. MySQL support for login accounts db would be nice, just text file would be fine to though…
  4. DHCP (unless some one knows of a way to do this, with out disabling my routers auto dhcp…)

oh btw, the router is the WiFi access point, thats why its dhcp has to be disabled for all this to work (so how i see it, I could be wrong though…)

If any one can help, please do… Will be in your debt :wink: Thanks!