Where you at?

Wheres the new Taylon?


You should have hyped it up more! “NEW Taylon Arriving and it will blow your mind!!!111”

Its all about advertising these days.

Okay let me try it again


I keep forgetting to come here. Maybe I can invite a whole bunch of my opinionated friends and we can start a flame war and it will become popular again.

Sounds great. Nothing like a vibrant flame war. No I’m all for it, really :).

You have inquired and requested, and so has arisen, from the fell ashes of ye olden day, Squalleus Maximus of the Undying Phoenix Legion. Whereas once you cast forth into the outer mists his loyal and worthy blood-brother of The Call of Unorthodoxy…and insodoing, exiled he as well, as might be a tree from the forest it had called home…Nay! Here now with your words spoken, whether of jest or of faith, the Legionnaire has stepped forth from the fiery rains and returned, if only for this moment brief, to inquire, to your heart of hearts and core of cores:

Do you mean it? Cry you, for the Flame of War, in true? …Or is this yet another mere test of our honor and word, as true keepers of the Unorthodox lights.

I mean everything that I say. :flame dev

Then implore your Overlord, who douses his aggressions in rainwater liquor, to release my blood-brother of the Flame from his banishment to the Outer Plains, and sewn will be the seeds of what you strive for.

You should make a webcomic I hear those are pretty popular

I am sitting in my chair.

I am sitting in a ch

Did you break your chair. Why would you do such a thing.

Leon, these forums need a Leon.

Usually the [font=“Courier New”]GEIN::[/font] node of “Deathrow”, nowadays mostly the [font=“Courier New”]FAFNER::[/font] node of [url=“http://www.vaxman.de”]VAXman.de.


Does anyone know someone who can be our Leon? I can offer them an envelope with a stamp on it as payment. Limited time offer, all applicants accepted! (up to 1!)

press 9 over and over for an explanation of why I post so rarely

Merry Christmas in June!

Its 1/3/2020 So yea Happy belated new years 72 hours late

Haha, yes. I think e-mail has been fixed. Here’s a picture I took of Yosemite.