What'cha listening to right now?


More Elton John for me, thank you very much. Oh, ew… a girl for some reason!

girls are scary…


Eww girls!

Guns N’ Roses - Paradise City


Mindless Self Indulgence - The Last Gay Song I’ll Ever Write (live)


The Aquabats - Knowledge


Deep Purple - Highway Star
(the one on Made in Japan)

Interesting fun fact: they are audibly drunk during this live performance (you can tell in all of the songs). Either that or on one of the more amusing mind-altering drugs. “Nobody gonna take my head now that I’m on the road again. Nobody gonna take my head… I’m gonna… need my head again.”

Except the keyboardist. He’s rock solid throughout.


Finntroll - Svartberg


They Might Be Giants - Famous Polka


Minus The Bear - Potato Juice And Liquid Bread

They gots teh groove!


Potato juice and liquid bread? Doesn’t that roughly translate to vodka and beer?

Pretty Girls Make Graves - The New Romance


Probably, these guys sound like they may possibly be drunk

Minus The Bear - We Are Not A Football Team


Seether Feat Amy Lee - Broken


Bad Religion - The Empire Strikes First


William Shatner - I Can’t Get Behind That



Now I am listening to The Killers - Believe Me Natalie

I bet you are glad I am keeping you updated here folks!!!


m1dy - Get up

 I've been listing to a couple of his albums for the last 3 hours and now I can't get the song's out of my head. :crying:

Also triple post, do you guys not listen to music these days or something.


Darkest of the Hillside Thickets - Hookworm


The White Stripes.


Perfume tokyo dome live aka Perfume no Okite