What'cha listening to right now?


Killer Instincts, Spinal’s Theme.

(Request: Anyone know where I could get the rest of these themes? )


KMFDM - Ultra


Killer Grove, KI soundtrack.


He has fallen for the tasty ways of the dark side. :frowning:
But it is a good song. :slight_smile:


Boxbanger - Infectejectreject.ogg


‘NOIR’ Original Soundtrack 1
Track 4 - “canta per me” by Yuki Kajiura


Dragon is familiar with the hijinks of the infamous TAOC?


Santa Esmerelda - Don’t Let me be Misunderstood


Who isn’t I mean, TAOC TEH WONDAR DOUGH talents know no bounds!


Ratburn and I have an ongoing theory that he and Kevin “Fragmaster” Bowen are possibly one and the same person.

Might you know otherwise?


Well, he does post update’s for Taco at SA…



Haha seen it. I suppose I would know more if I weren’t so stingy as to pay that $10.


You should because Fragmaster [url=“http://www.somethingawful.com/automaticturban/junk/esco2.mp3”]rocks(Loud and uncouth language ^^)…I just wish he would update/post more. :frowning:
Also they are lots of other cool things that make it worth it.


Taoc Teh Wodnar Dough - Got A Bag Of Doritos


Escaflowne - “Sora”


Kingdom Hearts - Under The Sea


Inuyasha - “Every Heart” by BoA


Sunny Day Real Estate - Every Shining Time You Come


3 Doors Down - “Here without you”


The Microphones - I Want Wind To Blow