The thread that just won't die


Any car that doesn’t allow you to put a live person in the trunk is useless.


What’s a “car” when it’s at home, eh?


Its one of those “Horseless Carriages”.



Fool! How does it move without a horse?


It is driven by unholy power from what the youngsters call its “ephemeral collusion indian” or some similar garbage. The diabolical machines obey not natural law!


You mean they’ve got tiny Indians powering it from the inside?



Worry not, they’re from the West Indies.


Oh, these cars are probably powered by tiny bobsledders then.


jamaican bobsledders?


I saw that movie… Man was it terrible.


Some people they say they can’t believe,
That Jamacia have a bobsled team!

Feel the rhythm, feel the ryhme, come on boys, it’s bobsled time!

I hope that brings back fond memories for you.


What’s all this, then?

Ah, black-market organs!

Carry on, then.


Hmmm… It looks like you have fresh organs. Fresh organs are hard to find in the Delta Quadrent.




OH MY GOD! THE UNDEA… Oh wait, they aren’t.


“That call seems to be coming from inside that school bus…”
“Inside the bus? It IS the bus! The Bus of the Undead…!”





mmmm in-n-out burger.


Speaking of burgers…

The Adventures of Kofi Annan

I soon discovered the crossroads and patiently stood beside them, waiting for folks to come by with various quarrels over territory lines and fish embargos. Some guy in tinfoil with a bloody sausage on his head ran by, so I tried to influence him to the UN by detailing how much power I had. He paused for a few seconds, giving me a chance to win him over…

(Stay tuned for the riveting second chronicle!)


I declare this thread offically dead.

Post in this thread no more for this is a dead thread.