The thread that just won't die




:goof: :smiley: :goof: :cool: ziiiing :eek: W0W


Oblivion activates backup brain in his stomach, and his head grows back

What happened? I feel… violated. Oh, right, the Leon.

Sics Metroids on Leon



/me opens mouth to return fire but decides why waste the ammo…


wonders what samus looks like under her armour


Wagga…that is all


Give me a day or so … I have to build her from scratch ya know…
/me gets his Instant Samus in a bag out.

Remember shaken not stirred…


Originally posted by Raging Llama
wonders what samus looks like under her armour

She looks like Sonya Blade from the Mortal Kombat games. Only cuter.


No she does not… what have you been smokin again???:eek:


Tries valiantly to slay this thread


You cannot win…


Originally posted by LeonMcNichols
No she does not… what have you been smokin again???:eek:

Metroid Prime says she does.

And I don’t smoke anything: I naturally produce hallucinogenic enzymes within my own brain tissue.


I remember sonya blade from MK looking slightly manly, so wouldn’t be hard to be cuter.

And I like the idea of halucenowhateverimnoteventryingtospellTHAT microorgasms (deliberate mistake) being produced by ones brain. How does one affect such production?

Does anyone remember a board game called Atmosphear?




Well, it’s released when there’s no endorphine or adrenaline flowing in my veins, so basically anytime I get bored.

Why do you ask? (about the board game)


i searched all over Google and and got nadda.



I dunno why i asked, I just thought about the game and playing it when i was about 12 with a mate of mine and finding it funny when it called me an old man and stuff.


-You Llama!!- No wonder you spelt the game name wrong ! :cursing:


Beware of this site


Rowzdower, you must tell me when your birthday party will be, because on that day I will mutter obscenities at you for posting that site.
Also there will be gaming goodness, and I must prepare for that.