The thread that just won't die


I won’t let this thread die either.

Poor kitty.


Another view of the poor kitty.


That’s been done to poodles for a long time. I didn’t hear you complain about that then. Anything that’s cut like that is ugly, poodles and kitties doubly so since they’re both pretty otherwise.


i don’t like poodles. they scare me.


This thread can be cloned , we have the technology…


I want pie…



why would you want pie?

i mean, pie is simple epi spelt wrong. dont you know what you’re saying!!


LOL That is indeed true.


Originally posted by LeonMcNichols
This thread can be cloned , we have the technology…

But can we make it stronger, fleeter, better?


not fleeter…



I say Fleecier , you can never be too warm in utah ya know :wink: .


I live in Indiana, with lows of -27 and highs of 105…


Heh, True true. SO in fact you could wear the fleece in winter and enjoy a nice fleecy spread for picnics and such


In that heat?? Better to go swimming.


or wally’s wacky water world. :goof:


that sounds like some kind of kinky shop to me.


Ewww that was just wrong…


Originally posted by Squall
In that heat?? Better to go swimming.

I can go swimming when I go home;) Hey Squall wanna go swimming with me?


Well at least its warm where you’re at.


then again, in scandanavie they all go skinnydipping in freezing cold fjords, so to say someone is going for a swim is in no way a clear indication of favourable weather conditions or climate.

And I’m sorry, but it did sound ilke that at the time, word association and me allways come out dirty.