Stay Informed: Rh Site Update Chart


And in March too!


I blame Romsus.




I clicked on that link expecting to see a Taylon movie, but I saw no Taylon movie.

Gil why must you taunt us ;( ;( ;( ;(


Apparently I updated the site sometime last evening. You cannot wait to view it!


Hahahahah, that right there is some high-quality updating.

You deserve a medal.


I could have written that update, if I had been getting enough Arby’s. But I have not. Clearly I need to get started on fixing that so that I can be an amazing scientist, lady-killer and all-around fantastic fellow like Gil.


That update was written by a fat cat.


His brilliance was visible even when this update was not yet fully formulated in his mind.


I substitute Arby’s with pro wrestling… with DANGEROUS results!


Hey guys I’m just saying that I love the new theme.


You can thank psx-dude for the lovely new theme. Seriously, I had nothing to do with it.


I dared psx-dude to make it the official Romshand theme because of its awesomeness.


Replace the pictures of cartoon animals with pictures of delicious Arby’s sandwiches and you have a winner.

Replace the pictures of cartoon animals with pictures of cartoon animals and you have the gayest forum style in history.


I kind of like it.




where is my taylon flash #2


here is your taylon flash #2


No one else seems inclined to post this, so I will do so. This. It contains a lot of green.


So I return from my week and some days vacation and there is still no taylon flash.

Clearly Romsus will feel my wrath and paaaaaaaaaaay

(library fines)