Stay Informed: Rh Site Update Chart


You could have realized this much earlier


<a href=“” target=_blank>The Taylon Christmas Special</a> is up.

Some Christmas-related material and a couple of song parodies equals 94 frames of pure madness.

Merry Christmas you crazy-crazes. Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Edit: this may or may not be the longest Taylon to date. I’m too lazy to check.


This should be made into a flash movie…because it’s just simply THAT FUCKING GOOD.


that says it all.


I am happy now!


You know what’s a great site update? Removing the DNS entry…

Where is my RH? (NOTE: Only those who actually know need reply)


Oh, that’s OK, it’s no bother at all. Your RomsHand is in the Hitler building.


just so you know, pipian really is that. it’s some sort of mexican food sauce.

those in the know know that it’s not really that funny

Now “pipian is a boy or a girl”. THAT’S descriptive. Because I could be a boy or girl.


I know I can’t tell which it is:



Message board currently down for data backup purposes. Now here is a picture of an overweight man:

He will gnaw on your face in your sleep.


looks like a she


Site Updated.

No heckling of trotsky is present.

What is wrong with me???


Holy crap, an almost useful response

Thanks Gil


Who sent me a one-frame guest Taylon?


Not me.


If it looks like Taylon the sprite comic. Then the problem is solved.


Blivy, we suffer from a dearth of Taylon of any kind. PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM AND JUSTIFY YOUR WORTHLESS FRENCH EXISTENCE.


No, it’s just a gigantic bitmap of a poorly drawn orb spitting out an ion cannon on a poorly drawn brick, who is saying “CRUD.”

It’s the best Taylon ever.




Oh, and Angelfire now comes with gigantic pop-up flash ads with sound, so be warned. Just close the pop-up and it won’t come back.