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Taylon 196: “oh”

Kirel: “hey trotsky orb u r fats from teh arbsys lol”
TTT: “what”
Kirel: “i no dude its like what”
TTT: “i m eating sum candel waxes”
Kirel: “man thats so crazey what”
TTT: “ja”
TTT: “o no i have exploded from fats”
Kirel: “rofl”



I’ve found the script for the next Taylon The Sprite!


The finder’s fee for that is $400.

<i>American</i> dollars.


Great, now my country is broke.


Gradkowski is awful.




[size=7] BOOMER SOONER! [/size]


I never understood that cheer, thus it is stupid. Or should I say…STOOPid?

(Oklahoma sucks)


Yeah, not only is sooner a ridiculous name, but boomer sooner makes no god damn sense. Plus, the commentator who wears a cowboy hat on Raw is a Sooner fan, so they are 99% guaranteed to suck.

And oklahoma sucks n e way, am i rite?




Gah. Workies makes me write some crazy <a href=“” target=_blank>Taylons</a>.

Taylon 188: “The Old Man”
Taylon 189: “Going Under”


oh no you are making me sing a song by that one arti


I have caused social chaos.


I would just like to point out that Gil suggested that title, so it’s his fault. ALL HIS FAULT. YOU MUST MAKE HIM PAY.

…what song?


Because of incessant ads for their arrival at the <strike>Dane County Colosseum</strike> Alliant Energy Center, I hate the artist/group in question right now.


Clearly Kirel has purchased a defective car. Solution:


Because the lead guitarist has left the artist/group for the time being, you may laugh at the artist/group in question right now.




So I notice KBV’s last two quicktime movies are not on the site. loses.


You put your location as Mordor…

<xmp><font size=“128”>FAG!</font></xmp>

Who is the anti-win now?