Omg hi and good afternun

omg thx to avenia who undrestands my reel powers. lets’ take ovre teh romshand server with rockets launchers gets rocket launchers hear u shuld take a rocket launcher so we cna take ovre teh server, avenia.

wel akchually i m goign 2 go 2 slep now i m tired it is late kinda. goodnight time. we wil take this romshand server later imo

snooz, btw

OK, just because we can’t all be as classy and make as funny jokes as SJX doesnt mean you have to be so rude. :mad:

This is the greatest thread ever. NOBEL PRIZE!

With these kinds of posts I really can’t see why you were ever banned in the first place.

i can sea y tehy wuld b banned, thow. it is becuse teh posts was rude 2 romshand (hey taht is u) an plus teh fire smilie was used an i don like usign smilys taht take up lots of teh screan.

oh wate u were usign sarkasm lolmao. i sea now. wel i am hapy tihs thread got teh novel prize and teh nobel prize lmao i gave it 2 prizez imo. may b i wil tkae teh threadss’ prize 4 maiself. hey du any 1 of u play ddr, i luve taht game lots of timez like tihs one time taht i went to teh arckade i luved it. i had brekfast 2day.


Gimmicks that annoy the party get devoured like so many children inside of hippos.

Your insults don’t even make any sense. God, I hate you both.

ok look if u wan me 2 go lern ur peeple’s weerd langwaj than i wil an tehn i wil not be confiscated by trotsky lololrofl. or eeted by hippos. it is ok taht u don wan’t to sea me takl like tihs, may b it is 2 cool 4 u lmao jk. k wel i ned 2 go eet i di’dnt erlier an now i am hungree bye 4 now.

Yeah you clearly need to learn how to speak English.

<a href=“”>OH WAIT, YOU ALREADY KNOW</a>.

omg, u fownd me owt, so i gues i wil takl like englilsh langwaj now.

Well that was fun.

I like you better already.

I don’t.

But I don’t like him any less.

Well I like talking funny and all, but I really don’t want to be modded on this awesome forum regarding the great taylon, 'cause that sucks…

Well I’ll just post like that sometimes so as not to anger the almighty hippos.

And where is the second Taylon movie?


It’s being written as we speak.

Then the recording phase begins.

Then the art phase.

Then: victory.

The script (rewrite) is almost complete.

The two scenes I left in from the old script are already drawn and animated. I just need to add the voices to those and they will be finished.

And then I have 6032 more scenes to animate.

We should make a countdown thread.

6032 and counting