Oh God I Am So Old

This is unacceptable. This whole “aging” thing has got to stop. I’m likely to get wrinkles if this keeps up!

Entirely unacceptable.

Also for your birthday I have come back from the hinterlands.

Me: Well, Thanksgiving with the grandparents. This should not be so bad.
Uncle and cousin: We are staying in the room with the cable modem. You know, the one you always stay in. Just thought you should know!
Me: OH

<font style=“font-size: 128px;”><b>ok</b></font>

Whatever you say grandpa.

<font style=“font-size: 128px;”><b>did you notice the large print in my posts because you are old and need large print to read words</b></font>

Old people should be sent to to moon.

The people that were sent to the moon are now old, so mission accomplished!

Yeah, but they came back.

Didn’t you know that the returning from the moon landings was a hoax? I saw it on teh intarnetz!

I beat all of you - over 1/2 a century old now. :smiley:

images%20(1) check that Mummy Dust Phart cloud

My back hurts now. Does that qualify me as being an old geezer?

NOt till ya hit 50 then the uphill battle ensues

Also I work for #Tesla now … heh

Nikola or the band??