Look at me my name is trot to trotsky just call me big stupid faced guy

Pip is a gogalflom?

Oops, I wasn’t supposed to tell you about that.

Well, todays the 16th. I’m noticing the site is still operational. I’m going to assume that this whole thing was a ploy by Trotsky to distract us all while he consumed tons and tons of raw foodstuffs.

I’m guessing our contract ends at midnight tonight.

That’s when the right wing christian teams up with the ice weasels…and at night…they come.

It is still up, flaphead. Investigate and report back to me at one million hours.

it is 12:45 AM CST the 17th. it’s still up.

So Trotsky is wrong yet again. What a shock…

HOMER: Don’t you ever get tired of being wrong?

MARGE: Sometimes…

Listen, I don’t know how the mind of the christian fundamentalist works.

I just assume he is praying right now and forgot to take down our site.

Regardless, I’m not really complaining. Maybe the FTP access is down or something. Talk to Roms. LEAVE ME ALONE I HATE YOU ALL

The FTP is up.

Edit: I see the first post has been edited for accuracy.

Yes, its all better now.

Fuck you.

Here’s the email from the hosting company dickface:

Your Hosting ends on the 16th. You need to find a new hosting company before then, I am getting out of it.

Reply so I know you understand.


Fuck you. Fuck you. FUCK YOU.

Oh no, the Trotsky is upset.

Plz stop mocking the Trotsky, I will hug it now so it can stop being upset so don’t mock it or me plz.

But did you reply?

Maybe the site will be up forever if he thinks we don’t understand.

I like what you’ve done with your forums, Roms. Best forums ever.

I replied.

I don’t get it.

nevermind, now I hate your forums. they are boring.

You don’t like looking at pictures of overweight fellows?

Oh wait, I was wrong. It is fantasterrific.

Now here is a picture of an overweight man: