A new plot is afoot

A film, by Romsus and I. It still needs some changes, like the inclusion of pirates and zombies… but I think we have a good start.

Romshand: i am eating cheese and you are sitting in a chair saying “okay i can accept this” and i say “yeah”
Corova: And then I turn into a giant dinosaur and kill all the giant robots because dinosaurs are clearly superior to giant robots.
Romshand: this perfect act of perfectness causes my eyes to explode in an explodey explosion and the dinosaurs are like whoa dude
Corova: And then everyone started drinking mt dew and eating lots of pie because it is more delicious than cake or cheese or any combination of cake and cheese.
Romshand: and aaron johnson entered an arby’s but did not eat any arby’s so the dinosaurs kicked him to pluto and he sat there on pluto and the pluto natives gave him arby’s
Corova: but he wouldn’t eat it because he is so gay and then the arby’s summoned kirel to kill aaron johnson because arby’s never forgets and then kirel at the arby’s and knew how delicious it was and had to take over the earth so he could have all the arby’s he wants ever and he shot the world with a big ion cannon that kills those who don’t love arby’s.
Romshand: but the ion cannon killed no one because aaron johnson is the only arby’s-hating person from earth and he was on pluto at the time so the ion cannon just made the earth people crave more arby’s and people started purchasing arby’s and arby’s made billions and the leader of arby’s sat back in his large chair and ate cheese
Corova: and it all came full circle. teeh end.

I think Johnson should return as a zombie and Cervantes from Soul Caliber II should eat him.

He would first turn him into arby’s and eat him while drinking grog because both are delicious.

Hahahhahhahaha, I would pay quite a bit to see this movie.

Who is Aaron j

Your faithful me.

Aha! I know your secret identity, Sailor Trotsky! Queen Beryl will be pleased!

I have found a flaw in your film. The ion cannon would not have been so ineffective, as I dislike Arby’s. So you should probably work my death into the film. Also, I think including my death provides two bonus things for your film:

  1. The opportunity to use bad CG to show my face melting off, followed by the discharge of several hundred thousand gallons of blood.

  2. An Arby’s-hating zombie who also happens to be a pirate… Well, an ass pirate.

I like Arby’s food, I just hate Arby’s stupid pricing. Will the Ion cannon have any effect on me?

Why haven’t I been called a fag yet?

Do we really need to?

Your existance does imply fag. Plus, with LP being killed, it also allows us to send a good message to the gay community. Be gay and not liking arby’s will get you to hell real quick. If you’re gay and do like arby’s, you’re still going to hell, just not by ion cannon death. And if you’re not gay and don’t like arby’s… well, if you don’t like arby’s you clearly have a keen taste for the cock, so you’re gay and going to hell right quick.

Take that Gay America!

Right in the ass… like they like it.